Freakshow Trivia

Freakshow Trivia is an interactive bar quiz designed to combine the basic structure of traditional pub trivia with an evening of live entertainment.

In my years of producing "trivia night", I have found that the more people interact, the more enjoyable they find the event. It's not a difficult concept, but it is one that I have noticed many other "pub quizzes" seem to have forgotten, or perhaps didn't consider an important element. I have never understood the idea of going out to a bar or pub, sitting there with an electric box in front of you, and pushing 1-5 for enjoyment. It's always felt like something mindless to do while doing nothing. Why not have an evening where teams not only partake in friendly competition with others around them, but are encouraged to interact with each other and their host - all while vying for the possibility of a free bar tab?

Over the years, I have developed a rapport with the audience members that allows for a friendly exchange, and creates one large group of individuals who have a common camaraderie with the emcee, and therefore, each other.

The formula isn't magical, but you must have a presenter who can bring the patrons in and keep their interest peaked for the duration. An interesting visual element coupled with an out-going personality is what has brought success to the establishments who have chosen to present Freakshow Trivia on a weekly basis.

-Patric Carroll, Freakshow Trivia owner and emcee


Quit yapping about how smart you are and come prove it! Assemble your team and compete for bar tabs, DVDs from my personal collection, and whatever else I have laying around.

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Interested in the Freakshow Trivia vibe, but too chicken to come out to an event? Take a look at these pictures and see the fun and shenanigans you're missing!

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The Flying Saucer
The Londoner
The Holy Grail
  • The Flying Saucer

    "The Flying Saucer started trivia every Tuesday night over eight years ago. It took a slow start with people warming up to the idea and getting the hang of it. A couple of years into it, we hired Patric Carroll as our host based on the idea that his wit, charm, and personality could reach out to a younger crowd and our existing beerknurds and build business.

    It worked! Our sales for Tuesday nights soon started to increase weekly. Within the first year, we had doubled our normal Tuesday night sales. Where we used to have a $2,000 trivia night soon became a $6,000 trivia night (and this is where it stands today). He has a great following, and is an asset to the program we have started here. His ideas and formats are a hit!

    I am pleased to say that Patric and our trivia promotions have become one of the most entertaining nights of the week here at the Addison Saucer. And we definitely look forward to many, many more Tuesday Trivia nights!"

    - Bo Peyton, General Manager
    The Flying Saucer, Addison

  • The Londoner

    "Freakshow Trivia and Patric Carroll have been a great addition to The Londoner Addison!

    Mondays were traditionally a slow evening, but resting on that was not acceptable. We felt we could add more to this establishment by offering trivia with Freakshow Trivia and Patric Carroll. One thing is for certain: Patric Carroll's organization has been successful in reaching all demographics - young and old, professional and the not-so-professional.

    The success of his trivia nights has expanded to our subsidiaries which now host their own trivia nights. An increase in sales can directly be attributed to Freakshow Trivia. Much thanks to your organization!"

    - Billy Scullion, General Manager
    The Londoner, Addison

  • The Holy Grail

    "Since we started hosting trivia with Freakshow Trivia, our sales have increased by about 30%! His show is always entertaining and brings in a loyal crowd that returns every week to try their skills again and win bragging rights and prizes.

    Patric has a special knack for keeping the crowd engaged and entertained, and many of our customers continously rave about the show."

    - Brian and Christi Rudolph, Owners
    The Holy Grail, Plano